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Fuck Her Ass In VR Now!

The sun beat down mercilessly upon the sprawling estate outside Los Angeles where Ember Fiera awaited entry. Lounge chair in hand, she basked in the glow of anticipation knowing full well what was soon to transpire. As fate would have it, just then came a tap at your bedroom window which caught your eye. Eagerly peeling yourself away from whatever task had occupied your mind moments prior, your heart raced as you spotted none other than Ember herself waiting patiently mere inches from where you stood.

At first, thoughts fleeting of invitations long forgotten or misplaced, you hesitated not wanting to impose. But alas, she flashed a grin filled with promise and all but guaranteed that should you allow her entry now, she could offer services so tantalizing that you couldn’t help but acquiesce. A simple gesture of opening your sash window afforded her access to your room allowing her to step gracefully inside with nary a qualm.

Before even settling onto your bed she began to tease you with promises of wonders unseen. With nimble fingers she worked her magic, conjuring up visions of vices and delights only she could deliver. No sooner did she finish than you found yourself enamored and captivated by her very presence alone. Your libido already running amok, Ember knew exactly how to stoke those flames further still. Unabashed and unaffected by modesty she offered up her wares boldly declaring for all to see that yes indeed…You Could Fuck Ember Fiera!

Her words sent your pulse racing and your heart skipping several beats per second. Before long her display continued apace and you found yourself hypnotized by the way she expertly revealed every inch of herself to your hungry gaze. Panties were shed, leaving nothing left to the imagination save for your fervent desires clawing at the threshold of your sanity. Sensing your hunger Ember took matters into her own capable hands…literally. As if possessed by some greater force her talented digits began stroking your engorged member bringing your breath hitching back under her spell once again.

Actors: Ember Fiera
Category: Grooby VR
Added on: September 18, 2023