VirtualRealTrans – After Stretching… Warm-up


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T-girl Fitness influencer Gabrielly Ferraz gives your throbbing cock a work out on the yoga mat.

During the time that you are reading a book, Gabrielly Ferraz is going to do some physical activity in front of you. She begins by stretching on a mat, first with her arms, then moving on to her legs, and then moving on to her torso, placing her incredible and enormous butt up against the wall. Immediately after the workout, she informs you that she is going to take a shower first.

The stretching has left her feeling a little bit horny, despite the fact that she is covered in a towel… To demonstrate to you that she is a tough person, she glances at you and then throws away the towel. You grab her large dick and masturbate her by gently caressing her balls and moving your hand up and down on her shaft. Following that, she gets down on her knees and offers you a blowjob as well as a titsjob! You can feel your cock getting further and deeper into her as she rides you in reverse cowgirl, and you can see her long hair moving at the same time as she “jumps” on you. This allows you to feel how your cock rides into her. She is interested in having sexual encounters with you in any possible position. For instance, she may bend down towards you and fuck you while you are laying down. Alternatively, you may fuck her in the doggie position while you are gripping her incredible butt. Although she enjoys doing it both slowly and quickly, each and every one of her actions will make you feel like you’re flying. Would you want to experience the incredible pleasure of having sex with her?

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Added on: December 4, 2023