VirtualRealTrans – We Are Not Arriving on Time (Yris Star)


Fuck Her Ass In VR Now!

As Yris Star steps into your room, she catches your gaze as she saunters toward your bed dressed in nothing but lacy undergarments. She points out the time on her watch indicating your imminent tardiness, however, you find yourself struggling to break free from the sensations pulsing throughout your body. Your penis strains against your underwear demanding attention, and your heart races in anticipation of what may come next. Suddenly, her hand rests upon your exposed thigh sending shivers up your spine.
As she lowers herself onto you and your hands explore every curve and dip of her body. A flurry of kisses, nips, moans, and whispers surround you leading to a series of climactic experiences. Whether cowgirled on top or missionary embracing beneath your sheets, no combination escapes your insatiable passions. Each moment blends seamlessly into the last creating a crescendo of pure desire ending only once your hearts beat heavy as you bask in the shared release. And finally, you drift off to sleep feeling complete and content, arms wrapped lovingly around your partner.

Actors: Yris Star
Category: VirtualRealTrans
Added on: April 29, 2023