VirtualRealTrans – Finally Alone


Fuck Her Ass In VR Now!

A routine day at the office quickly transforms when Rafael Ferraz arrives. Clad in a sultry black cocktail dress, she scans the area, confirming no one else is present, before sauntering toward you with a confident air. Without preamble, she announces her intention: “It’s time to revisit yesterday’s passion.” Smoldering brown eyes fixated on yours, she casually drapes a sleek leg across your desk, flaunting her impressively engorged phallus in plain sight. Unhesitatingly, you reach out, stroking its smooth surface, much to her audible appreciation.

With practiced ease, she disrobes, eagerly exposing her toned physique while beckoning you to follow suit. Once naked, she mounts you in the classic missionary position, their penetrative thrusts synchronized with the subtle rocking motion of the chair. Soon after, she switches to an inverted posture, straddling you in reverse cowgirl style, allowing for deeper penetration and increased clitoral stimulation. Rafael’s expert movements culminate in simultaneous explosions of ecstasy, with her tightening vaginal muscles milking every last drop from your spent form.

Afterward, they assume dominance once more, assuming the doggie-style role with practiced grace, driving home each powerful stroke. Feeling the pressure build within, you near your own climax, signaling Rafael’s impending second orgasm via oral means. She readily obliges, greedily consuming every last drop of your potent seed. After sharing this intimate communion, Rafael departs, leaving behind only fond memories of the illicit escapade amidst the mundane office trappings.

Actors: Rafaella Ferraz
Category: VirtualRealTrans
Added on: October 19, 2023