VirtualRealTrans – After The Pool


Fuck Her Ass In VR Now!

Following her return from the swimming pool, wearing her swimsuit, Cassia Fernandez enters her bedroom and settles onto her mattress. Eager to explore her body, she begins stroking various parts of herself, gradually escalating her level of physical interaction.

As her desire intensifies, Cassia withdraws her tumescent penis and commences self-exploration by manually stimulating herself. Simultaneously, she focuses on her nipples, providing additional tactile sensations that amplify her pleasure.

Despite these initial efforts, Cassia feels compelled to elevate her sexual gratification further. Consequently, she introduces a sex toy (dildo) into her activity, employing lubrication to ease insertion during a doggy-style posture. With her panties removed, she positions the device within her vagina or anus, depending upon personal preference. Continuing to caress her body, Cassia simultaneously experiences both clitoral and anal stimulation, resulting in an exhilarating climax punctuated by seductive moans. In conclusion, Cassia blends manual genital and nipple stimulation with dildo usage in the vaginal or anal cavity, ultimately attaining a highly satisfying sexual encounter.

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Added on: May 10, 2023